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Do a keyword search or a subject search. Put in a general topic. Scan the book that comes up. Look next to it on the shelf for similar books.


Select "Publication Type" "Primary Source Document"
Additional strategy: Limiting the timeline to the period you are researching can help focus your search.
Select "Primary Source" tab
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Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sources - What's the difference?


Best of History Web Sites was created in 2001 by Tom Daccord, 15-year history teacher and co-director of EdTechTeacher, Inc. Best of History Web Sites contains links to over 1200 history-related web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy, and usefulness including a link to ORAL HISTORY Sites.
Includes links to local, state and national newspaper collections
  • NOTE READ CAREFULLY: The links to special subject and PRIMARY sources are at the BOTTOM of this page
  • Topics included: Organizations and Institutions, Museums & Historic Sites, National Libraries, Archives & Directories,World History Primary Sources and Major Websites, Photos, Maps and Other Images, Music - all potential sites for primary sources.


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