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On the Shelf

Call Numbers
500 Natural Sciences 520 Astronomy
Broaden your category when searching for a book. Your subject may be a chapter in a book.
Example: Search for books on "Planets" for a Mars, Venus, Space Travel.
Find books that include the history of a certain topic.

RJHS Subscription Databases

This will include provide background information, presidential papers, tables, pictures, videos, back in time reports, special reports and websites.
This will include selections from published reference books, magazines and biographies.
Includes selections from encyclopedias, research updates, dictinoary entries, news, biographies and images.

Database Passwords for HOME use HERE or on sticker available from library.

RJHS Selected Websites

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Solar System Exploration.
United States Naval Observatory
Includes Phenomena of the Sun and Moon, Time, Calendar and Historical Events, Computing Astronomical Data and Phenomena and Celestial Navigation.
National Geographic Science and Space

Evaluation Tools, Citation Tools & Database Passwords

EvaluationTools.png CitationGuide.png DatabasePasswords.png
Web evaluation form Citing: When and Why For Home Use
Non-web evaluation form Citation Guides & Citation Creator . . . . .
Advanced Evaluation techniques Writing Guides
How to evaluate and select scholarly resources.