Social Justice

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Searches all relevant databases for your topic.
Use a keyword search. As you begin typing it will suggest topics which may be helpful.
First result often is a Research Starter which will provide a good overview of the topic.
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Good source for reflection on the impact of social justice issues.
Good source for international perspective.
Good source for current events/news
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Pros and Cons

Interested in the Pros and Cons of an issue? Try here:


Social Justice Websites

Use these sites to explore current issues as well as ways to respond.

Issues and Actions: Social Justice Priorities of the USCCB.
  • Top Menu: Ignatian Advocacy. Browse the categories.
  • Each subsection links to advocacy organizations and causes.
  • Look around. Here are some places to start:
  • Top Menu: Advocate
  • Bottom Menu: Your Voice | Advocate for Justice
  • Major Themes of Catholic Social Teaching: Education + Advocacy > Catholic Social Teaching
  • Major Church Social Teaching Documents:
  • The Advocacy group for creating Video to bring Social issues to public scrutiny.
  • Includes a guide for creating effective advocacy video.
  • To view WITNESS content: Go to the Connect With Us Menu a the bottom of the page for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram Content
  • Search the Web
Search your topic in a search engine. Use only the issue (cotton or coffee for example) and the country for the first search. For The Ivory Coast consider using Côte d’Ivoire. The bibliographies in most Wikipedia articles have good links but use Wikipedia article itself only for an overview. If you are searching the free web / looking for articles using a search engine, make sure you evaluate the website before you use it. Once you have a good web site, do a second search using terms found there. For example, once you find information on cotton and Uzbekistan, you might add "forced labor" in your next search.

NGOs: Non-Governmental Organizations

NGOs can be a great source for identifying issues in particular countries or regions, as well as contacting individuals with direct experience with the people exploited by an issue.

In the Organization's type field, select Non-governmental organization.

Contact directly? Yes, often the best answer to your question can be obtained through direct contact! Call or email the organization in which you are interested. Make sure you identify yourself, the school, and the purpose of your contact.


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