Shakespeare - Elizabethan Period

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Books - Print and Electronic

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  • Great source of information, easy to access. Use the Table of Contents and Index.
  • Good resource for a short biography on Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare. Enter the name in the search box.
  • Primary Documents - Descriptions of Elizabethan life by people living then.
  • Includes helpful illustrations, a chronology, key words to know.
  • 3 Volumes
  • An Almanac with a list of topics including Religion, Politics, War and conflict, science and education, Elizabethan world view, music, art and culture.
  • Biographies includes Shakespearean contemporaries and notables such as Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I, Jane Grey, Francis Bacon, Catherine of Medici, James I, as well as Shakespeare himself.
  • Primary Sources is a hand-picked collection of some of the most significant and studied documents of the era, among them "Elizabeth I: Speeches," excerpts from "The Book of Common Prayer," "Pope Pius V's Bull against Elizabeth" and Shakespeare's "Richard II."
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RJ Databases

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  • Magazine and Journal articles.
  • Keep searches simple using several key words, not phrases or sentences.
  • For biographical information about William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Reference Books, Magazine and Journal articles.
  • A good source for academic level articles on Shakespeare.
  • Link from each line in selected Shakespeare plays to articles that reference that line.
  • Includes the following plays: Hamlet, Henry V, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night


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