In the Time of Christ

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Books - Print and Electronic

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  • Great source of information, easy to access. Use the Table of Contents and Index.
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  • Description
  • Scoll down the page for these sections on children and women in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
  • Girls and Boys in the Canonical Bible
  • Differences between Old and New Testament Imagery of Children and Childhood

RJ Databases

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  • For best results use the advanced search and select full text only.
  • Combine search terms "in the time of Jesus" and another term: women, children, traditions, etc.
RJHS e-books will include The Encyclopedia of Religion and The Catholic Encyclopedia.
Includes selections from reference books, including the Colombia Electronic Encyclopedia, and magazines that are historical in nature.
  • Search for: "time of jesus" and your subject (money, women, politics, etc.)

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