Immigration, historical and current perspectives

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Browse the History or take a a virtual tour of a 19th Century New York tenement.
The link for the virtual tour is located at the bottom of the web page.
Search for relatives by name, year, or ship manifest (passenger list).
The Ellis Island link on the main page includes a history, timeline, , the Immigrant Experience, and a photo album.
This web exhibit presents original documents and secondary sources on the Triangle Fire, 1911
Different options for searching this site:
Use the selections for type of documents available on this site.
Use the search box. Sample search terms: New York City Immigrants OR Immigrants
A Primary Source Set from the Library of Congress
Includes a US Immigration Map dating from 1853 and a world Emigration map from 1858
Use the search term: Immigrants
Use the detail link or the slide show feature for an overview of the photographs.
Includes links to primary sources, an Immigration History Timeline, and a Photo album:*
West coast point of entry: 1910 – 1940 Try the History and the Media links.
  • Share America - US Department of State Articles and Speeches related to Immigration from the White House

A look at New York City

Immigrant stories in history and the present day

Includes immigration statistics and graphs from the early19th century through the year 2000.
Includes an interactive tour of Ellis Island
New York immigrant stories as told by their descendants
Stories, both old and new.
A blog site where immigrants post their own stories.
Three NY teens document their experience of being an immigrant.

The Issue today

RJ Databases

Articles from all perspectives
Search terms: immigration | illegal immigration | undocumented immigrants
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Immigration Topic Websites

PBS site that includes videos and some images on immigration issues around the world.
A political action site that provides links to background immigration information as well as current developments in immigration reform.
A political action site that includes articles on immigration history, issues, and current events.
An intergovernmental organization in the field of migration. The site examines the causes of migration and the international issues.
Organization that educates about refugees and advocates for immigrant issues. The site includes information about current projects that the JRS/USA supports. Includes links to articlespublished by the Vatican, Pope Benedict and the US Catholic Bishops.
A resource for researching the opinion and vote of current senators and representatives. Enter a name or a zip code, then search: immigration
Official US Government site. Contains current laws, regulations, and information about acquiring green cards, visas and how to become a U.S citizenship.

Immigration Laws

  • Congress.govU.S. federal legislative information: House of Representatives / U.S Senate. Search current legislation, laws (Was prior to July 2017).
  • Enter search term desired, immigration, illegal immigration, etc.
  • Limit the search by Legislation, Congressional Record, or Committee Reports.
  • Two sections: Bills & Laws. View either bills in progress or present laws.

Immigration Statistics

  • Migration Policy Institutean independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.
  • Official datasets and resources published by the Office of Immigration Statistics
  • Statistics from the government department that determines immigration status.
  • Use the search window. Search "immigration" or "illegal immigration" or "illegal immigration facts" for latest reports.

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