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Understanding National History Day

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A U.S. History/Global Studies research project may incorporate the theme and project format used for the 2018 National History Day. The theme for 2018 is Conflict & Compromise in History.
  These are websites that include resources common to the History Day Project and specific to states.
  NatHistDayLogo.png National History Day  ColoHistDayLogo.png National History Day in Colorado  Blue Arrow.PNG Other History Day Websites

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Choosing a Topic

NatHistDayLogo.png The theme is Conflict and Compromise in History. Read this document to understand the theme. SEE TOPICS HERE No US History topics for RJ Global Studies students.

Topic selection and thesis development should be a thoughtful pursuit!
As you do start this project, remember that you will be selecting a topic and finding information that will help you with evidence to prove that your topic is an example of "Conflict and Compromise in history.

Check w librarian.png You are always welcome to ask us for topic suggestions. Sometimes topics can be too big or too small for the purpose of a research paper like this. We can help you to narrow it or broaden it.

  • Explore
Here are some good places to explore topics
        Red checkmark.pngDiscovery Service RJ Use the Research Starter in the Discover Service RJ as an overview for your topic.
        Red checkmark.pngYour World History Textbook
        Red checkmark.pngWorld Eras: Online Books - Click on History then World Eras
        Red checkmark.pngWikipedia History Portal
        Red checkmark.pngHistory Reference Center Database Browse     DatabasePasswords.png
        Red checkmark.pngWorld History in Context
        Red checkmark.pngAsk a teacher, a librarian or someone else you know who has knowledge of an historical event.

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Developing a Thesis

As you explore your topic, your thesis will be a work in progress.

         Red checkmark.pngUSE THE 4Cs Organizer - WORD (DOCX) File HERE or the PDF Version HERE REQUIRED  Example HERE
         Red checkmark.pngHow to Write a Thesis statement. Tips and Examples (Purdue OWL)]
         Red checkmark.pngThesis Development Sheet - Nat Hist Day in Colorado
         Red checkmark.pngDos and Don'ts of a Thesis  - Nat Hist Day in Colorado
         Red checkmark.pngThroughout your journey in this project, keep revisiting the ColoHistDayLogo.png CHD How to do Quality Research guidelines as you  develop your argument.

Check w librarian.png We can suggest places for background information research. Background research makes it so much more comfortable for you. It is easy to understand and gives you wonderful ideas to launch deeper research.


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Evaluating Information

As you consider using any source, it is important for you to evaluate the source as credible for academic use.
Click for | EvaluationTools.png including Evaluation forms for the Web and other sources.

Check w librarian.png You can always check with us about the academic appropriateness of a source.


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Organizing Information

Keeping your information organized as you go will allow you to put it together in an effective and efficient way. Keep track of all articles and the citation information AS YOU GO.
RJ.png RJHS Citation Organizer
Setting up a section in Notability or OneNote can be a great way to organize.
Understanding the format of your paper from start will give you some sense of how you need to organize your information.
ColoHistDayLogo.png CHD Guidelines for Historical ProjectsBlue Arrow.PNG CHD Dissection of a Historical Research Project
NatHistDayLogo.png NHD Project Rules

Check w librarian.png Make an appointment with us and we can sit down with you for extended time and help you individually.


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Finding Information

You will be asked to use primary and secondary resources.
There are tons of resources that are specific to history. Here are some that we recommend.
  • RJ.png History Research Guides

RJHS Books:

Using the RJHS catalog, you will be able to locate books that are particular to your topic, have a chapter about your topic, or have a page about your topic.  Books can be in several genres. **
RJ.png Regis Library Catalog
If you can't find the book for which you are looking:
click on the title of the book
select "More Searches" in the right hand corner and choose "Other Libraries"
select "Request an item to be brought in from another library" (this will take about 3 weeks)

RJHS Subscription Databases

Discovery Service RJ
RJ.png EBSCOhost History Reference Center DatabasePasswords.png
RJ.png Gale World History in Context
RJ.png Global Issues in Context
RJ.png Gale Student Resources in Context

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Citing Sources

Check w librarian.png Check with us if you have citation questions. All of our databases will generate citations for you in correct format.

When do I cite? How do I cite?

You are required to submit an annotated bibliography. For information about requirements and correct format see:

Evaluation Tools, Citation Tools & Database Passwords

EvaluationTools.png CitationGuide.png DatabasePasswords.png
Basic evaluation form Citing: When and Why For Home Use
Advanced evaluation form . . . . . . . . . . . . Citation examples . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
How to use Easybib