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  • At RJ, Biographies are mixed in with other subjects. For example, the biography of a scientist is located in the science area.
  • Biographies have a BIOGRAPHY sticker on the spine, and are capitalized in the catalog. For example, the biography Einstein, A Life, is listed in the catalog as 530.092 EINSTEIN Bri
  • Know the name? Simply enter the last name of the person as a key word search. The biography may be a section or chapter within a collection of biographies.
  • Don't have a name, but interested in a subject? Search for biography and the subject name: Example: physicist and biography results in Einstein books.


Searches all relevant databases for your topic.
Use a keyword search. As you begin typing it will suggest topics which may be helpful.
First result often is a Research Starter which will provide a good overview of the topic.
Use limiters, found on the left side of the results page, to narrow your search. An especially helpful limiter is Subject. Be sure to use the Show More link to access all the subject limiters.
Use Advanced Search. Search your big topic and a subtopic and consider using ‘’’title’’’ or subject terms in the drop down menu to the right of the search box. This will limit your hits to the most relevant articles immediately.

Database Passwords for HOME use HERE or on sticker available from library.

Researching SAINTS? Take a look at the SAINTS research guide.

Evaluation Tools, Citation Tools & Database Passwords

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Basic evaluation form Citing: When and Why For Home Use
Advanced evaluation form . . . . . . . . Citation examples . . . . . . . . . . . .
How to use Easybib