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900 World History | 937 Ancient Rome | 938 Ancient Greece | 972 MesoAmerica (Aztecs, Mayan)
Broaden your category when searching for a book. Your subject may be a chapter in a book.
Example: Search for books on "Ancient Greece" for a chapter on food, or weapons, or lifestyle, etc.
Find books that include the history of a certain topic.
Example: Search for books on the history of clothing and find Roman.
Roman Colliseum

RJHS Subscription Databases

RJ Discovery Service
Searches all relevant databases for your topic.
Use a keyword search. As you begin typing it will suggest topics which may be helpful. For example as you begin typing "classical Greece" it will suggest "classical Greece culture".
First result often is a Research Starter which will provide a good overview of the topic.
Use limiters, found on the left side of the results page, to narrow your search. An especially helpful limiter is Subject. Be sure to use the Show More link to access all the subject limiters.
Use Advanced Search. Search your big topic, for example "Ancient Greece," and a subtopic, such as "dress," using subject terms in the drop down boxes to the right of the search box. This will limit your hits to the most relevant articles immediately.
Includes reference works, multi-media, biographies, maps, etc.
RJHS e-books will include The Encyclopedia of Religion, World Eras, and more.
Includes primary sources, reference articles, and multi-media content.
Includes selections from reference books, including the Colombia Electronic Encyclopedia, and magazines that are historical in nature.

Primary Sources

Find books, databases, and websites that include primary sources.

Database Passwords for HOME use HERE or on sticker available from library.

Evaluation Tools, Citation Tools & Database Passwords

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Basic evaluation form Citing: When and Why For Home Use
Advanced evaluation form . . . . . . . . . . . . Citation examples . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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